Reading Groups

November 2105: We are relaunching the Reading Groups. If you wish to be part of the group please email Michelle Fava at

We are asking for donations when you sign up for the Reading Groups, rather than a subscription. Please contribute however much you feel appropriate for the year, either as an organisation or as an individual.

Please donate here: 

Due to increased global interest in our project our admin is becoming very time consuming, and hence we are looking for ways to sustain Thinking through Drawing. We currently are unfunded and are running solely on our love of drawing…

123 Draw

To access this month’s readings and posts, please go here





1 Response to Reading Groups

  1. WOuld anyone like to start a sub group reading another paper? We have around 100 readers in the group, so we might want to split up a bit? If so I would like to read David Griffin’s Tracey paper 2013 on scoring silence in music – its great, and I would love to discuss what drawing and music are LIKE – especially the pauses and breathes. WHat do you all think? abrew


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