Drawing Circles

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We have started Drawing Circles – each Circle has up to 12 drawers, who each draw in a sketchbook for 1 month . Then the books circulate among the members, until everyone has drawn in every book. When  the circle is  complete,  everyone meets up (physically or virtually) to review all the  books together.

The books are physical, sent by snail or air mail, or by hand if a local Circle.

If you are interested in joining a Circle please contact us, and let us know where you are from, and whether you prefer a local, national or global Circle – or more than one::

There is a one off £12 joining fee to cover admin costs, payable when you sign up.

Visit the Drawing Circles blog.

Also see Drawing in Space  for a public blog, that includes images for Global Circle 1 and our India Circles.

If you would like to form one in your country, or to join one of the planned Circles listed below, do let us know.

Semi- Circles, in process of formation, looking for members::












There are also people interested in local ones e.g. New Delhi, London, Brighton, Manchester, so do let us know where you are from and what interests you. You can join more than 1 Circle, but please think carefully about the implications for monthly postage costs, and the work involved in drawing and posting. It gets complicated if people pull out before the cycle is complete.

But you do not need to draw much each month, just ‘say’ or do something in the book you have for that month, and make sure you post it on to the next person – you will be sent the postal address of the next person in the Circle.