Drawing Circles News December 28th 2014

Hello Fellow Drawers

We have had a lot of interest in the Drawing Circles project. At the moment I am forming new circles, locally, nationally and internationally, and sending out e-mails once Circles are formed. For each new month Circles will be reduced by 1 drawer, so that it will take a month less to complete that Circle, in order to sync with our TtD Symposium, Nov 6-8th, London, 2015, where the Circles can try to meet up to review the sketchbooks. I.e Circles forming now starting January 1st 2015 have 10 members, February ones will have 9 members…and so on.

so the various issues are:

1) We have a lot of you wanting to join International Circles – you are in a waiting list, and we will form these whenever we have a range of countries represented. We have 3 Global Circles so far, with drawers from India, Ireland, Finland, Poland, Germany, Portugal, Canada, US and UK. However nearly all of you on the waiting list now are from the US, so it would not be a very International Circle as it stands. I will form new ones as and when we have more people from a range of countries. For now, if you are from the US and have signed up for an Int Circle and don’t want to wait, do let me know and you can join a US circle for the time being.
2) We need a person to coordinate each Circle. Please let me know if you would be happy to do this for a Circle. All this entails is keeping an address list of members of your circle, and keeping a check that people have sent their books on each month.
3) If you are already in a Circle please send me your postal address, so that I can share addresses with your Circle members.
4) If you have signed up and are waiting, you will hear from me in the next couple of days if you are in a January Circle, or at the end of January if you are in a February one.
5) Do go ahead and form your own local Circles – several people have formed these already. We would love to hear how these are going too.
6) Blog pages- you are given a page on this TtD website, but you cannot post your sketchbook images here. Either send sample images to me to post, or post a link to Flicker / your own site etc to see your images.

I hope you are enjoying it! It is very exciting to have so many people involved.

Best wishes for drawing, and for the New Year.

Angie Brew

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